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Print on Demand: Profitable, Convenient, and Flexible

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Remember the last time you got a flyer or a tech manual printed in bulk? You wished to circulate those through your customers and business network, but how many of those are still lying with you? Quite often, you end up ordering large quantities of documents for distribution but find yourself stuck with copies that are not of any use anymore; this leads to excess inventory and loss of money, among other things. 

But we have just the solution for you to free yourself of these challenges: Print-on-demand (POD). But what exactly is it?

Print-on-demand is a printing service model where you can get your documents printed as and when you need them. You need not print flyers, cards, brochures, etc., in bulk and store them. Such a model entails numerous advantages, which we shall see later in the blog. For service providers, too, it is a favorable model as they need not invest in buying large quantities of raw material and costly equipment as POD gives the option of printing products only when the orders come in.

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What can be printed on demand?

Presentation printing: City Blue has proven itself to be an expert at printing presentation materials. With unique foil stamping, embossing, and customized die-cutting, we cover all types of presentation prints. 

Variable data printing: Sending postcards, calendars, custom-printed booklets, etc., with memorable personalized messages to your potential clients is an excellent way to generate a higher ‘open rate.’ We provide variable data printing services to help you deliver the right message to each of your audiences. 

Greeting card printing: City Blue understands the value of the impression you wish to make with your greeting cards. Thus, pays minute attention to each detail and delivers a perfect experience to your audience.

Packaging printing: The next big thing after the product is its packaging. It’s a unique branding opportunity, and one should capitalize on it. We understand the value of appealing packaging and specialize in printing custom packaging that elevates your brand.

Large format printing: City Blue combines exceptional service with the latest technology to provide you with cost-effective large format printing products that increase visibility and build your brand. Whether it’s signs and banners, trade show displays, floor graphics, etc., we can deliver any large format prints.


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Advantages of Print on Demand

POD brings value to service providers and their customers alike. Given its advantages, it is quickly being adopted across the board.

Reduce inventory costs: You need not end up with a massive inventory of projects that may or may not sell. You only print them ‘on demand’; this can help you save unnecessary losses and storage space.

Provide higher quality with customization: POD lets you offer customized messages to your customers. Vary your designs and text for each of your customers and reap the benefits of customization.

Reduce environmental harm: POD helps to cut back on waste. Service providers need to print only the demanded quantity of prints and need not bother stacking inventory.

Improve your profits: Printing unnecessary items leads to added expense and cuts in on your cash flow. With POD, you need not print large quantities of documents for long-term distribution. You can focus only on the immediate distribution requirement and print material only when the demand arises.

Get flexible: Over time, printing preferences from customers may change. With POD, you can easily adapt to the market changes quickly and avoid being outpaced.

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About CityBlue

CityBlue Technologies partners with industry-leading companies to offer the latest extensive format printing technology. We pair the latest technology with our expert sales staff and our experienced service team to provide our customers with the best possible service. Together with our strategic partners, CityBlue Technologies truly delivers solutions beyond expectations.


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