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The Technology Behind Large Format Printing

The Technology Behind Large Format Printing

Did you know the Technology Behind Large Format Printing? The large format printer market is projected to grow from USD 9.3 billion in 2020 to USD 11.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 3.8%. That is a statistic that sets the large format printing as the focal point necessity for many industries. The key factors fueling this market’s growth include surging demand for large format printing in the Textiles, Advertising, and Packaging industries. The main driving factors of this increasing demand are the growing adoption of UV-curable inks in outdoor advertising, CAD, and technical printing applications; and the rising importance of digital document production in commercial printing applications.

But, what makes these printers so successful and famous is the technology behind them. Companies of all sizes go through a detailed analysis of the technology before making a purchasing decision. After all, a machine is as good as its output and the technology that backs it.

By taking a queue from the Canon website, in this blog piece, we try to elaborate on various technology aspects behind the large format printers(LFP). We hope you like reading them and analyzing them before purchasing your next LFP printer.

The Technology Behind Large Format Printing

“Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering” delivers both, super high-resolution and high-speed printing. FINE achieves the critical elements in high quality for large format printing with 2400 x 1200 dpi high-resolution, smoother gradation, and reduction of graininess. At the same time, its high-drive frequency also contributes to high-speed printing. Double-win, isn’t it?

1-inch Wide Print Head:
The Technology Behind Large Format Printing

Technology for high-speed printing with 12 colors, i.e., the print head is equipped with two 1-inch wide heads with twice the existing number of nozzles for each color, 2,560 nozzles X 6 colors. With this spectacular high-density double head with a total of 30,720 nozzles for the 12 colors, it can maintain a high resolution and still improves the output speed.

This technology makes it possible to express ink both in and out during bi-directional printing with the high-speed printing technology using the symmetrical optimum arrangement of the two print heads for the cyan, photo cyan, and photo magenta. The smaller number of printing passes helps control the difference in color, resulting from the colors overlapping and makes it possible to have high-speed output without uneven images.
And 12-color pigment inks satisfy a range of professionals. What’s not to love in it? When it’s so colorful.

The Technology Behind Large Format Printing

This technology fulfills the need for fine-art-quality printing that renders natural tones in color and black-and-white for photos. Meanwhile, it also produces vivid artificial colors for industrial design output.

In addition to the six standard colors for large format printers, LUCIA applies three primary colors – red, green, blue (RGB) – and two gray shades. This enhances imaging performance, enabling metallic glossiness, reduced graininess, and more robust images.

Comprehensive Color Expression with CMYRGB Inks

Five-Color Dye and Pigment Inks for High-Definition CAD Printing

The Technology Behind Large Format Printing
The Technology Behind Large Format Printing

Reactive Ink Technology:

This technology is developed with a focus on CAD and business documents. Canon’s reactive ink technology exploits the reaction between CMYK dye inks and pigment-based matte black ink to prevent blurring along the edges of text characters and lines. When put together, five-color dye and pigment reactive inks create clear, crisp black output, allowing printing of ultra-fine lines and ultra-small text with a placement accuracy of ±0.1% and a minimum line width of 0.02 mm.

The Technology Behind Large Format Printing
The Technology Behind Large Format Printing


Capitalizing on its strength in System On Chip (SOC) technology, Canon developed the L-COA processor for large-format printers to process large-volume image data at high speeds while controlling the print heads and the ejection of 12 ink colors. L-COA integrates protocol processing, image processing, and printer control – functions that had been previously handled by multiple chips – onto a single chip for faster signal processing and high-resolution printing.

The Technology Behind Large Format Printing
The Technology Behind Large Format Printing

Auto-Color Calibration:

Automatic adjustments are possible through this technology in LFP often used for professional applications such as artwork and photo output.
Stable color performance is achieved through high-performance multi-sensors inside the printer.

The Technology Behind Large Format Printing
The Technology Behind Large Format Printing

PosterArtist Software:

Canon PosterArtist software for large-format printers provides an intuitive interface enabling anyone to create professional-looking posters easily. The software has Canon’s proprietary Dynamic Layout Engine (DLE) technology for automatic text and photo layout and a Canon-developed auto-design function that operates on professional designers’ know-how.
Users can feed in a minimum amount of data, such as text or images, along with ideas for what the finished product should look like, and the software efficiently and automatically creates design drafts. They are in optimal color arrangements and layouts, allowing the easy creation of professional-quality large-format posters.

So, what do you think? Do you think a large format printer is the right solution for your workflow? CityBlue Technologies can help you through the process and make an informed decision on a solution that meets your business needs today and tomorrow.

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