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FTP Connection

File uploads made easy.

CityBlue’s high-performance FTP server allows quick and secure file transfers for your print jobs.

We offer separate archival, storage and retrieval services should you need these services.

The document or page sizes should be the same as the finished size of your printed piece. Do not incorporate bleed into the document size; just extend bleeds outside your page margins. Allow 1/8 inch (.125") bleed on all elements bleeding off the page size.

Whenever possible, please send a copy of the artwork as a PDF (Portable Document Format), EPS, or as an Illustrator file. Convert all fonts to outlines or curves whenever possible. If not possible, make sure to include all fonts with your file submission. Also make sure to send both screen and printer fonts.

When using an application that uses links, such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress, please be sure to include the links (pictures/graphics) and all fonts (screen and printer fonts) with the file when you send it to us.

Please use vector artwork whenever possible. All bitmap images should be no less than 300 dpi and at 100% for maximum quality. Scans should be in CMYK or grayscale format.

Do not compress graphic files (i.e. LZW, JPEG, etc.). Compressed files can cause problems when processing through prepress systems. If you must compress files so that they will fit on a transport disk, please inform us that you have done so.

Make sure all elements that are printing in Spot Ink Colors print on their respective color plate. This can be checked by printing separation proofs instead of composite proofs.

Please include a color proof (black and white if color is not used) of your file to ensure the best quality and color match possible.

Please send an email to the appropriate location to which your project is being processed, with all instructions and contact information for your project.

The fastest and most reliable way to connect to ftp is through a client program. We recomended downloading the free program called FileZilla from the following location:

Instructions for installing and using Filezilla can be found here: FTP Instructions

After the installation is complete, enter in the Host field. Enter the relevant username and password for your location found below. No port is required.

If you are unable to install the FTP client in your particular case, your browser can be used to make an FTP connection.

1. Check to make sure your browser is set to view an FTP folder:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to "Tools"
  • Select "Internet Options"
  • Click on the "Advanced" tab
  • Under the "Browsing" category, make sure "Enable folder view for FTP sites" is checked

2. Click the following link or type it into your internet browser:

3. If you receive an error window titled "FTP File Folder Error"

  • Click "OK" to clear the window
  • Go to "File" in your menu bar
  • Select "Login As...

4. Type in the user name and password as follows for the store location to which you are sending the file:

  • Peoria: | ID: peoria | Password: peoria1007
  • Moline: | ID: moline | Password: moline1007
  • Champaign: | ID: champaign | Password: champaign1007
  • St Louis: | ID: stlouis | Password: stlouis1007

5. Go to "View" and select "Open FTP site in Windows Explorer

6. Enter the same user name and password if prompted

7. Drag and drop the files you wish to send