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What is a Plan Room?
Plan Room is a “library” where architects can view bid documents (plans and specifications) for projects that require pricing estimates for specific building products or services. Traditionally, Plan Rooms were in a physical space by a contractor who could visit them in person.

Today, the Plan Rooms are largely electronic, providing quick access to bidding information online in real-time.

How do Plan Rooms work?
Plan Room Services focus on collecting bidding information from a variety of sources, viz. design firms, government agencies, and contractors. They organize the data so that contractors can quickly search for bidding opportunities by type, size, or location.

Plan Rooms maintain direct (personal) communication to ensures that bidders are aware of changes as they occur and gain access to current and accurate information before preparing their applications.

Why do construction professionals use the planning room service?
Plan Room services allow construction professionals to quickly match the need for construction services to those with the qualifications and knowledge required to provide it.

Project owners can save thousands of dollars by exposing their projects to a host of qualified contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, who each have to compete for a contract by submitting the best proposal and/or the lowest price.

Design specialists may monitor the bidding process as often as possible and hold those who wish to bid accountable by reviewing all relevant information before submitting a bid.

Contractors rely on Plan Room services to obtain bidding information for multiple projects in one central location rather than combining large amounts of data in multiple locations and formats. This allows contractors to focus on setting up a complete and competitive cost scale.



CityBlue Technologies provides you with a Custom Plan Room for your Business.

With CityBlue, you have the following advantages:

  • Custom button branded with your supplied logo
  • View and download project documents online
  • View the plan holders list and sign up to receive new project and addendum notifications
  • A unique URL for your company to distribute and advertise for all projects
  • Track addendums and revisions
  • Order plans and specifications online for your construction projects
  • Ability to place Plan Room link on your website and ours
  • View current bidding projects
  • Reduce construction timelines

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