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Demystifying digital archiving

Managing hundreds of documents and general information can be difficult. Organizations have a large amount of research information, records, and legal material. Many costs need to be
considered in order to manage this information effectively. This is where digital archiving comes
into play. This article will give you a better understanding of digital archiving.

Digital archiving has three powerful benefits:

  • Availability of information across the organization
  • Data security
  • Reduction of costs associated with physical storage

Organizations that have been in the market for a very long period of time have a large number of documents. To store those, they need physical storage space. Additionally, many employees are assigned to look over these documents – store, retrieve, and access.
Typically, the people assigned to this task come from the human resources team, the finance team, or the administrative departments. The use of digital archive services completely eliminates the time allotted for these concurrent tasks. It also provides faster access to any organization document, and significantly improves work speed.

Benefits of Drones

Industries with a higher number of day-to-day transactions and invoices require a very large number of employees to process documents. Once they have secured a digital storage service, organizations will no longer need to hire additional staff for this work.

Digital archiving involves reducing storage spaces. The organization does not need to keep significant amounts of files for the long term under special conditions. An archiving system can also reduce storage requirements for email, application, and file servers.

While archiving could be viewed as an “extra” cost of doing business, in reality, it can reduce the cost of doing business significantly.​ The organization’s digital archive can contain documents used by the human resource department (employment contracts) to documents used by the purchasing department (invoices, contracts). All documents are scanned and archived in a secure cloud or on-premise solution and can be accessed at any time by authorized employees.


About CityBlue

CityBlue provides you with a digitized archive as a comprehensive long-term solution to your document storage problems. We provide data hosting so you can access your documents from anywhere in the world in a fully searchable database all in a highly secure encrypted environment. This provides not only easy access but a great disaster recovery system.

CityBlue Technologies partners with industry-leading organizations to offer the latest extensive format printing technology. We pair the latest technology with our expert sales staff and our experienced service team to provide our customers with the best possible service. Together with our strategic partners, CityBlue Technologies truly delivers solutions beyond expectations.


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