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How to pick the best media for your project

A successful printing project requires that each step of the process from ideation to execution be given due attention and importance. Apart from the design to be printed, a quality printer, paper, ink, etc., contribute to the output quality. Through this blog, we shall appreciate the importance of one of the components – paper or media – and provide some tips on how to choose the right media for your project. Hope you find it helpful!

Tips for choosing the right media for your project

Often, companies undermine the importance of choosing the right paper, which leads to poor output. For a printing service provider, the client may not accept the project if the media’s quality is not good enough. Additionally, you could lose a lot of money, time, and effort if the paper is not chosen wisely in the first go. Hence, there should be no compromise on the type of paper you choose. Let’s take a deep dive into the details of selecting the best print paper.

1.Pick the right finish

There are two types of paper that you can choose from – Coated paper and Uncoated paper.

The former, generally, has a coating on its surface for smoothness and gloss. It’s available with coating on a single side as well as both sides. It has several uses like book covers, postcards, etc., and provides several finishes such as satin, matte, dull, gloss, and metallic. One of the significant benefits of this type of paper is that the print looks vibrant and prevents smudging. Due to this advantage, the coated paper has a high demand in the market. The print looks perfect according to the requirement.

The other option – uncoated paper – does not have any shine on either side. While there are a number of finishes available such as smooth, wove, vellum, newsprint, textured, linen, etc., the colors that appear on this print are quite dull. This might be a disadvantage for some. So, choose according to the necessity.

2.Consider the paper brightness

The brightness of the paper is also a crucial aspect while choosing the right print paper. The shiny, dull, or vivid print entirely depends on how bright the paper is. The brightness of the paper usually ranges from 1 to 100, wherein 100 represents the brightest version.

The more the brightness of the paper, the better the readability. Plus, if you want to show more vivid colors on the print, you should use brighter paper. And remember, a coated paper shines relatively more since it has a glossy finish.

3.Consider the opacity you require

Opacity, in general terms, showcases the light that passes through the paper. It is expressed on a scale of 0% to 100%, wherein 100% is completely opaque. The paper’s opacity represents how much text can be seen from the other side of the paper. If the opacity is zero, then you can see everything on the other side. It all depends on the materials, weight, and absorbency of the paper.

4.Choose the paper color carefully

Paper color is an important point to consider too when printing on paper. The ink you use on the paper might mix with the paper color and affect the print output. Choose appropriate shades so that it does not mix and ruin the entire print.

5.Match the paper thickness to the use

You should know the purpose of printing before finalizing the required paper thickness. A thicker paper is more opaque and boasts of better quality. While printing on this kind of paper, the print is more vibrant and gives a good finish. For office printing, usually, a thinner paper is used as opposed to when printing a brochure or a book cover.


Understandably, you may not always be able to opt for the best paper quality due to limited budgets and time. However, one must still hold paper as an essential part of the entire design process. And rest assured, following the tips mentioned above shall certainly lead you toward a high-quality, successful printing project.

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