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K-IS-A1FW Large Format Flatbed Scanner




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Kurabo D-Size Large Format Flatbed Scanners

Capture your fragile documents and artwork with uncompromising image quality and professional standards with the Kurabo K-IS-A1FW flatbed color scanner. The Kurabo scanner features a 24″x36″ flatbed scanning area, giving you the flexibility to scan just about any type of original by simply placing it directly on the scanner bed. It also features advanced CCD sensor technology, ensuring picture-perfect imaging performance with an optical resolution of 400 dpi (base model) or 800 dpi (Plus model), and can scan a 24”x36” size document within 17.5 seconds! The Kurabo K-IS-A1FW is perfect for all your imaging needs, including textiles, fragile historical records, fine art and other delicate originals. The Kurabo scanner can capture a wide variety of documents and objects fast, accurately and efficiently.


The Kurabo Scanning Software features an intuitive scanning interface to easily scan, preview and view documents. It allows users to quickly set parameters such as standard or high quality scanning modes, resolution, document size, precision start position for scanning a certain part of an original, color and b&w modes, and the pixel depth of your output files. The software also features Array View Lite viewer that offers tools such as crop, zoom and a tonal adjustment curve. The viewer provides an information palette displaying critical document properties and the capabilities to invert images, adjust scaling, increase or decrease sharpness and change the brightnes

s and contrast of the displayed image. The Kurabo Scanning Software is a complete turn-key scanning interface that enables users to start scanning and saving documents in a matter of minutes, giving you full control over your scanning workflow.


Aupier-Gigastitch is an optional professional image editing and stitching software that allows you to stitch and join multiple sections of scanned images such as large maps, drawings and aerial photographs, to create one image. A variety of robust editing tools are also available to make changes on scanned images using a simple and user friendly interface. Main functions include Color Adjustment, Increase/Decrease color, Size, Trimming, Deskew, Rotate, Mirror, Sharpening, Blur, Noise, Erase Outside, Stitching, Clipping Pass, Save joined images, Save One Image, Batch processing and Print. Aupier-Gigastitch is a comprehensive image editing tool designed for both casual and professional users.



Aupier-Gigalay is an optional software that allows users to stitch multiple images together, featuring the capacity to handle extra large files that are over 10m long and 1GB in size, with advanced optimization for quick, high-speed and high-quality output to your large format printer. Advanced users can also combine raster and vector files to an existing image, enabling a powerful way to synthesize photographs, maps, drawings and vector data all in one document.


  • Full-Color Flatbed Scanner
  • LED Light Source with CCD Sensor
  • 24″x36″ Scanning Area
  • 400dpi (Base version), 800dpi (Plus version).
  • Scan up to 24″x36″ in less than 17.5 secs.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Includes Kurabo Scanning Software

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