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Routine Printer Maintenance – Why Is It Necessary?

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Like any other sophisticated electro-mechanical device, a printer is prone to wear and tear with or without regular use. It’s expected life, essentially, depends upon the regularity and quality of care provided to it in the form of maintenance services.

If you neglect your printing equipment’s regular servicing, the odds are that your printers will run into catastrophic problems and lead to you incurring huge expenses. Additionally, some parts of a printer are too expensive to replace; thus, it’s always better to keep servicing them regularly instead of replacing them or the entire machine.

Printers are the sole source of revenue for print service providers, and if the equipment fails to function, providers face an enormous loss of business. To help you avoid such losses, we shall try to understand why it is necessary to perform regular maintenance activities on your printer. But let’s first look at why modern printers fail. Read on!

The leading causes of failure for modern printers

Worn feed rollers causing paper jam:

Feed rollers provide the pathway for the paper to move through a printer. Any change in the rollers’ alignment alters the paper’s course, and thus, the paper doesn’t exit the printer along the desired path. This leads to the paper getting jammed and potentially causing damage to the device. Regular service can ensure that rollers are replaced before causing issues.

Printhead nozzle blockages

With regular usage, the ink may build up on the printheads. Resulting in streaky prints or frequent voids in print output. Built-in and manual head cleaning functions must be used regularly to avoid damage to print output.

Mechanical failure due to dust build-up

Dust must be kept away from printers as much as possible. By building up on the components, it can lead to the premature wearing of critical parts or short circuits on the circuit boards. Regular cleaning is the only way out from such a problem, and unnecessary troubleshooting is usually required to solve it.

Driver or Software Failures

Drivers often turn incompatible with the units as newer software upgrades are installed. Regular checks are critical to ensure driver compatibility and smooth functioning.

It is equally important to continue regular software upgrades. Regular updates ensure that the device works optimally, it is free from viruses and safe to use by anyone.

The Importance of Routine Printer Maintenance

We have looked at what can be avoided through routine printer maintenance in the form of the aforementioned causes of printer failure. Now, let’s identify the benefits of regularly taking care of your printing devices:

Reduced toner emissions:

Often, there are unwanted ink streaks or marks all over the printed pages rendering the output illegible. Such scenarios are catastrophic in the case of important documents, especially legal documents. Regular servicing reduces such “toner emissions.”

Extended printer life:Printer firmware update

Regular firmware updates are necessary for the printer to perform optimally and not turn obsolete. Employing professionals to perform routine maintenance on your printers can help you be up to date with the new software updates and install them.

Productivity improvement:

Each printer has a standard printing rate – the number of prints per minute. However, not all printers meet that condition and print relatively slower due to issues such as paper jams, error codes and/or equipment downtime. To avoid such a scenario and improve the productivity of your printing, routine maintenance is a must.

Replacing older parts

Often, your printer’s effectiveness is affected by the functioning of a few particular parts that need to be repaired or replaced. In this case, replacing the entire machine is not advisable and can be avoided. With routine maintenance performed by professionals, such dysfunctional parts can be identified and replaced at the right time, returning your printer’s productivity to normal and saving you exorbitant expenses.

You must now be able to appreciate the importance of taking regular care of your printing equipment. We advise you to set a routine for printer maintenance to avoid long downtimes, revenue losses, and huge expenses.

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