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Arizona: Canon’s Lead in UV Flatbed Printing

UV Flatbed Printers

Flatbed printing and UV—curing technology has, both advanced to a level where they deliver excellent quality output at a fast pace. A union of both, i.e., UV Flatbed printers, has become affordable enough for even small businesses to take advantage. The UV Flatbed printers are gaining popularity as it reduces the labor, operating expenses and provides newer areas of applications. It is capturing the large format flatbed printing market extremely fast.

Let us check how UV Flatbed printing works and how Arizona series of printers stands out in the market.

UV Flatbed Printing

What differentiates a UV Flatbed printer from a conventional solvent inkjet printer is the type of ink used (usually UV ink) and how it gets applied to the surface being printed upon (substrate). Whereas inkjet printers apply ink that embeds itself the substrate, UV Flatbed printers deposit the ink on the substrate before curing (drying) it immediately.

Curing occurs by subjecting the ink to UV-LED lights installed inside the printer; immediate curing ensures that the UV ink has limited little time to spread out or bleed into the surface, thus, restricting ‘dot gain’ and color saturation. The output quality of UV Flatbed printers stands out due to the permanent and highly accurate print with minimal image loss.

UV Flatbed Printing vis-à-vis Alternatives

The UV Flatbed printing technology has disrupted the large format printing due to the various advantages it offers:

  1. It is suitable for printing on a limitless range of surfaces – from photographic paper to canvas and from cloth to leather.
  2. It can make use of white ink, which provides the ability to create specialty applications and high-value, backlit graphics.
  3. Spot White Printing: White plays a role of spot color on any non-white substrate like colored paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, metal, etc.
  4. Flood White Printing: Flood-fill data generated by the printer is useful to print white ink to cover the whole image area.
  5. Day/Night Flood White Printing: Using white as the diffusion layer while reverse printing the backside, flatbed printing provides the ability to achieve day/night backlit prints or a multi-layered effect on transparent substrates.
  6. New LED technology used in UV-Flatbed Printing produces instant light at a lower temperature than mercury-based lamps used in the earlier flatbed printer. Moreover, it offers a longer service life, reducing maintenance costs.
  7. The UV Flatbed printers can print on virtually any surface, making it more useful for environmentally friendly materials. As compared to available alternatives, the inks used contain fewer harmful chemicals, and the light source is entirely ozone-free. Additionally, the LED technology uses significantly lesser power.
  8. Turnaround times are far lesser than alternatives, thus, allowing businesses to deliver high-quality prints quickly and accurately.

UV Flatbed Printers

Canon UV Flatbed Arizona Series

Canon U.S.A., Inc. manufactures and sells its Arizona series suitable for any digital printing job. The ability to print on a variety of substrates helps print service providers (PSPs) to garner revenue from the standard sign, display, specialty, and industrial applications.

The UV ink and the curing process are a technological disruption in the large format printing market. The award-winning Océ VariaDot™ printing technology and the Active Pixel Placement Compensation combine to offer ‘near-photographic’ print quality and an accurate, uniform print geometry over the entire flatbed.

Why choose Arizona Series of UV Flatbed Printers?

  1. The integrated Océ Arizona Xpert technology allows the printer to learn from the printing projects and then repeat them accurately from the next time. Just set the designs and print them once; the printer will reproduce the recipe next time.
  2. Océ Touchstone software allows users to create textured prints, both transparent and opaque.
  3. The built-in Automated Maintenance System (AMS) allows for hands-free printhead maintenance reducing labor requirements.
  4. The printers cater to a wide range of applications for standard sign and display and specialty and industrial applications. The Roll Media Option also provides the ability to print onto flexible media up to 87 inches wide.
  5. VariaDot imaging technology delivers near-photographic image quality, even at high print speeds. A more top speed Express mode is also available.

Check out our latest Installation of Arizona 1360GT and Onyx at a client location in the united states.

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