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How to decide if it’s time for a brand refresh?

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We all love a little makeover once in a while. Apart from feeling better and more confident ourselves, the rejuvenation leads to an evolved perception in the minds of our relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Similarly, each brand needs to be updated and revamped every once in a while.

You’d ask why? Well, because how your audience perceives your brand decides how they would engage with you in business terms. Will they do business with you? Will they choose a new competitor if given an option? Will they trust you when you launch a new offering in the market? Your brand image answers a lot of such questions. Thus, you must update your brand regularly to keep up with changing trends, perceptions, and competition.

On the other hand, you also need to retain the fundamental values in the brand and ensure it truly represents your story. Even after a revamp, your audience must be able to recognize you.

Here are few signs that can help you identify whether a brand refresh is due:

The times have changed, and you’re not keeping up

Change is the rule of nature. If you began your venture over ten years ago and still haven’t relooked at the brand identity, then a refresh is overdue. Today, the world evolves ever more rapidly, and so do people’s perceptions, and if you don’t adapt your brand strategy with time, you simply lag. It is essential to give your brand minor updates now and then.

Your brand is expanding

When you start your business, you adopt a particular set of values, principles, and goals, but they evolve or expand over time. Make sure that the brand grows to match your work, goals, and values. Your business shouldn’t outgrow your branding; instead, they should go hand in hand.



Growth doesn’t match expectations

When your growth seems stalled and hindered, a fresh approach can help boost sales. Look for a new campaign, a new strategy, and marketing techniques. Revising the image of the brand could be the first step. Before you invest, though, make sure you take feedback from your audience.

You are targeting a new audience

You definitely need to alter your brand identity when you are targeting a new set of potential customers. Such a brand refresh should take note of the demographic attributes and preferences of the target audience. For example, if your brand wants to appeal to millennials, you must stress vibrancy, catchy messages, and pleasing aesthetics. Only if you alter your brand identity will the new set of target audiences feel connected to your brand. However, at the same time, you must take care that you do not lose your current audience.


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Your logo has a weak visual impression

Your logo is one of the first things your potential customers would notice about you; hence, it must be on point. It must effectively communicate what you are and what you stand for. From time to time, one must inquire whether the logo accurately represents your current state of business. Leading brands evolve their logos regularly to keep up with the business and attract new eyeballs too!

Online and offline brand images aren’t in sync

Digital presence becomes more critical by the day. Brands spend dollars to create a compelling brand image; however, the offline presence might lag. Online and offline brand images must go hand in hand. So, keep your brand consistent on both fronts to give it aligned visibility and avoid customers’ confusion.

Use the pointers mentioned above as a checklist. Review your brand against each of the criteria and decide whether your brand needs a new look.


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