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Most Prominent Uses of Large Format Printers

Large Format Printers are the big brother in wide format printing regarding high-quality large graphics or designs. Large Format Printers are proven printing technology from printing posters and store displays to printing murals and car wraps.

They have a printing width of 18 – 100 inches and can print on various materials such as paper, vinyl, and canvas. Their high production capacity, printing precision, and rapid speeds make them a popular choice in the large-scale printer segment.

Let us look at where Large Format Printers are used for printing,


Whether you are setting up a farmer’s market pop-up store or hanging a temporary sign outside your business, banners are great at attracting the attention of potential customers. Large Format Printers are preferred for printing banners. They can print on paper and vinyl materials, 36 – 44 inches wide, and up to 100 feet long.

Repeat Banners/Backdrops

A repeat banner has a repeating/recurring element, such as a logo or a graphic in a pattern. Repeat banners are a popular photo station prop in award events, proms, galas, fashion shows, or launch events. A large repeat backdrop ensures that the logo and graphics are visible across increasing brand recall and visibility.


Large Format Printers are extensively used to print blueprints and construction plans by general contractors, construction companies, and architects. Its broad width printing capabilities enable the economical printing of layouts quickly and efficiently.

Trade Show Booths

You can make your booths look attractive using flashy, colorful banners, and wall graphics. Then there’s also pop up displays that can be used to showcase your product, logo, and images. The wide range of material printing capabilities of Large Format Printers can help you to create a great looking booth for your business.

Photo Canvas Prints

You can print large photos of your wedding, anniversary, birthday celebrations, or party on a canvas without worrying about the dimension. Wrapping the pictures with a wooden or metal frame can additionally make the photos look more attractive.

Retail Graphics

Signages or wall graphics for in-store décor can be efficiently and economically printed on large format printing. These are most beneficial for SMBs due to the short print run and large format printers’ size range.


Posters printed on large format printers can be used to advertise and create buzz for events such as small concerts by venues and theatres. When printed on glossy paper with attractive graphics, posters are great at attracting people’s attention and is used extensively by banks to advertise special rates and schemes to their clients.

Wall Decals

Do you wish to put a motivational quote, a beautiful graphic, or your company’s logo on the wall? A large format printer can print large wally vinyl with precision and liven up your wall. With wall decals, you can refine the look of your store, business, or home frequently to keep up with the trends or create attractive marketing messaging.

Static Window Clings

Retail storefronts can spruce up their window real estate by placing static window clings to attract customers into your store in a mall or on the street. A large format printer allows you to create beautiful large prints to cover large window space, which can be easily replaced as per requirement.

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