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Print Marketing or Digital Marketing: Which one is better for your business?

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Should you market your business using print media or digital media? In the modern era, choosing between the two is challenging for businesses. While content remains the king, the format you present your data to the audience matters a lot. Print, being the proven way of promotions, is still effective, but as Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Keeping the benefits of both the media in mind, the wisest choice is to combine print and digital marketing in a way that boosts your business. Here, we shall look at how print and digital marketing can impact your business positively. Read on!

Print Marketing

Print Marketing

Print gives a personalized experience

When you touch a wedding invitation or an aesthetic pamphlet, you feel like it’s just made for you. The font, colors, and images help to build a memorable and connected experience. The texture and the quality of the paper also enhance the reading experience. Thus, by using print advertising, businesses can form an emotional connection with the audience.

Print is credible

Right from the very start, print media has always been more credible and trustworthy among consumers. Newspapers and magazines remain the most trusted means of advertising. Studies have also proved that customers trust your company when you market the product through high-quality print material.

Print is suitable for a targeted audience

If you own a local business or a shop, print advertising is certainly the best choice. For targeting a demographically specific audience and reaching people at the street level, flyers, posters, and banners also prove to be effective by leading potential customers directly to your doorstep.

Digital Marketing


online advertising


Digital has a broader reach

There is no limit on how widely you can spread your content through digital marketing. You can target audiences right from the local to an international level. Thus, with the right content, you hold the power of influencing millions at the same time. With digital advertising, you can take a massive demographic and pare it down into highly targeted audiences, to only focus on a particular type or group of people who can become your customers. 

Digital is cost-effective

What makes digital marketing even better is that it is cost-effective. It gives you control over how to utilize your budget. With affordable digital marketing tactics, you can make your business grow without spending too much. Even though the price of online ads is increasing, it is still a lot cheaper than traditional advertising methods.

Digital helps you to know your audience

With digital marketing, you can understand what your audience wants from you. You have access to their needs, likes, and dislikes. Digital ads also record your consumers’ actions and behavior in real-time, thus giving you better insights into your advertisements.


Print or Digital: Which is a better marketing option


website advertising


Both print and digital marketing can benefit you immensely if applied with a carefully curated strategy. The best option is a symbiotic relationship between the two methods. Here are a few ways you can combine the best of both worlds.

Workflow Automation

Web to print marketing solution allows you to run multichannel marketing campaigns. With proper brand management software, you can integrate your marketing collaterals and vendors into one system. 

QR codes

QR codes allow consumers to scan them with a smartphone to get information or be directed to a website for more details. This lets you create personalized experiences and also gain more significant insights into customer engagement.

Augmented Reality

Instead of having someone scan an optical label, as in QR codes, you can use image recognition with unique designs and photos for digital engagement. You can enable an AR-tag to do any number of things when scanned: open a website, link to your business page, show a video, play a game, make a phone call, or even send an e-mail.


The best practice for a successful marketing strategy is to combine both traditional and modern methods. With a multichannel approach of print and digital media, you can reach an international audience yet communicate effectively with your local target audience. You must allow print and digital to work hand in hand and complement each other.

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